About us

Depot Software by Lucrasoft is a Lucrasoft Solutions B.V. software-solution. Based near the Port of Rotterdam and working with harbor oriented companies since the beginning of our company, we have over 13 years of Depot experience. Our software isn’t just built on our own ideas but developed in close collaboration with partners and people in the industry who work with it every day.

Founded on the 1st of July 1996 our team has grown to >40 ICT professionals providing full service ICT solutions in all lines and markets of various sizes. Our Software Department has a rich history in building custom business applications. Developing in close contact with our customers, we provide easy-to-use desktop applications organizing and managing complex processes.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner specialized in Application Development, our solutions are build on the powerful Microsoft.NET framework using Microsoft SQL Server and our in-house developed Lucrasoft AppCore.

Facts about Lucrasoft and Depot Software

  • The first version of Depot Software was developed back in 1998
  • New version in development since 2010 and released in 2012
  • Depot Software was built on Microsoft .NET and runs on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Depot Software runs excellent in TServer, Citrix or in a Cloud environment

IT Group

The Lucrasoft ICT Group consist of three companies where service, commitment, flexibility and craftsmanship take a central place. Lucrasoft Systems provides infrastructure, hardware and cloud services. Lucrasoft Solutions develops enterprise and web solutions. Lucrasoft Visual has developed a high-end online visualization platform with a rich visual product experience.