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Building together

We partnered up for you!

DEPOT Software support full service tank container providers. We believe in working together to make the best possible fit for your depot services. In order to do so, we selected several partners to work and fully intergrate with.

Gröninger Cleaning Systems is a globally operating supplier and producer of cleaning systems and cleaning equipment. The company has been supplying complete systems, from ready-to-use units to turnkey solutions, since 1947.

Our cooperation is in the field of PLC interfaces for cleaning and heating.

Cindax provides you with the product information you need for optimal tank cleaning and wastewater treatment. We offer objective and up-to-date information on any chemical substance, together with health and safety instructions. Cindax knows chemical information matters.

DEPOT Software and Cindax are collaborating with an interface to support accessible detailed product information.

SYNDA is a VAN (Value Added Network), for the tank container industry. We aim to simplify and optimize the data exchange between stakeholders in the tank container industry.

We envision a tank container industry where all stakeholders can profit from the availability of tank container data. SYNDA provides a new centralised approach to effectively manage the exchange of data.

With SYNDA, we are working to replace our EDI interfaces to the VAN.

As Lucrasoft ICT Beheer we have a complete range of ICT solutions under one roof. From telephony and security to complete ICT management. First we look at what you really need. Are there problems? We will not leave until it is solved!

Lucrasoft ICT Beheer is our partner for providing hardware such as ruggedised tablets and scanning equipment.

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