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Interface - Document Imaging

An office doesn't need to be paperless, the paper should have a proper endpoint.

With the DEPOT Document Imaging Interface your organization will have a controlled paperflow. You, as well as your customers if desired, have easy acces to all required paperwork. Since all documents will have a barcode and are digitized, this saves employees a lot of time searching in stacks of papers or in the software. 



Suited for services

Foundation,Handling and s...
  • Foundation
  • Handling and storage
  • Loaded and empty services
  • Cleaning services
  • Heating services
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Trading services
  • Liquid logistics services
  • Fleet management

Key areas

Part of package

  • Basic


No lossed documents

Quicker search

DEPOT Barcoded documents can be associated and added to the related order.

Document Image interface


DEPOT Software and other documents.

No lossed documents

Removing the need for customers to call you for documents 

Quicker search

Quickly find all order related scanned documents. 

Scanning and saving your documents

DEPOT Software supports the printing of a relatively small barcode sticker that is associated with a specific order, and that can be placed on such an "uncontrolled" document. 

A document scanner device can that places all scanned documents as a PDF file on a network path can be set up. The DEPOT Software application server can be configured to periodically check and process all scanned PDF files. Then the interface identifies, renames and moves the file from your server to the DEPOT Software document management system. DEPOT Software can automatically publish specific types of PDF files to the DEPOT Customer Portal where your customers can download these documents. 


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All you need to know about Document Imaging Interface


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Product information

Productcode: FOU.102.INT

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