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Theme oriented releases

In a dynamic market and by keeping track of rising trends we are always looking for improvement.  

We are adapting our methods to promote a more standardized way of working.  A good solution requires consideration and well-coordinated development with a healthy focus on themes.  

Therefore we would like to present to you: theme oriented releases to support you even better to make your Next Move. 

What does this mean for you? 

  • Based on a schedule (3-months ahead) you are informed about the upcoming themes DEPOT Software is working on. 
  • That way you know when your user story is processed, based on the roadmap schedule. 
  • Processing the request for change at the scheduled roadmap theme, will assure you that your user story fits the latest version of the DEPOT Software. 
  • After the quotation and your approval, the change will be developed during the roadmap.  

By developing based on a theme oriented roadmap, we provide clarity on the work items. 

You have predictability on processing your user stories and update planning. 

And ultimately we expect higher quality and quicker turn arounds by bundling stories on a theme. 

Curious about the themes? Every month we will send you the new roadmap in the newsletter.

Want to know more? Read the Q&A

A: Yes you can always send your request for change. We will handle your request conform the roadmap theme. 

A: We have a procedure for rating defects and act accordingly. 

A: We bundle requests and will consider them for determining the new themes. 

A: In order to get the benefit of this way of development we keep the schedule tight. 

A: Every month you will receive an update of the roadmap for the upcoming 3 months.

A: In order to work with the latest developments in our software we strongly advise you to.

A: That’s possible. We also recommend that you sign up for the release calendar. That way you have predictability for all stakeholders. Please contact us for more information.

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