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Joining forces to make the next move in our depot operations

Tank Cleaning Europoort (TCE) and DEPOT Software keep innovating and growing closely together. For this article we spoke with Terry de Mello, General Manager at TCE about our collaboration and new ways the company is making their next move. 

TCE is a full-size service depot. Cleaning, repairs, storage, and additional services related to tankcontainers and – trailers in one hand. The 130.000m2 location in the center of the Rotterdam Port is a true active and efficient location to serve customers.

A win-win situation for both TCE and DEPOT Software

The cooperation between Tank Cleaning Europoort (TCE) and DEPOT Software goes back to the very beginning of the software’s development. TCE’s innovative power and continues growth helped to develop and improve the software, while the new features and better tools enabled TCE to improve quality and efficiency. A win-win situation between both companies.

Terry explains the importance of DEPOT Software; “literally everyone and anything on-site is operating with the software. From the first contact with the customer until the invoice process. Every move and action is controlled and registrated by DEPOT Software. The system is very accessible for our people, the usability of the system makes that people only require a short training before they can start working with the system.”

The Next Move with DEPOT Software

“Next step forward with DEPOT Software is to digitalize the complete process, moving away from filling in paperwork and overtyping them into DEPOT Software. In 2020 the DEPOT Driver Kiosk has been completely designed from scratch. The Kiosk gives drivers the opportunity to fill in all required data, in their own language, via the screen. The role of the acceptance will change from overtyping information into the system to checking and controlling data and orders. As a result, no more typos are made and focus on quality will increase. This improvement is a big step forward in the digitalization while saving the environment by excluding paperwork.”

At the same time the new SYNDA Platform went live at TCE. SYNDA is a value-added network (VAN). It enables (DEPOT Software) customers and TCE to setup a direct link via EDI and helps to transfer automatic messages between TCE and the customer. Pre-announcements are downloaded directly into DEPOT Software, this saves overtyping and misreading orders from e-mails. In the other direction, status updates on tanks are send live to customers via the SYNDA platform to optimize the availability of the equipment for the customer. A true next step for all parties involved!

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