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We spoke with Iwan de Block, Chief Operating Officer Bulk & Tank Container Logistics at Van Moer Logistics, about his experiences using DEPOT Software at various locations.

About van Moer Logistics

The Bulk & Tank Container Logistics business unit at van Moer Logistics in Zwijndrecht, Belgium (near Antwerp), is a one-stop-shop depot offering a wide range of bulk and tank container logistics services. They offer a comprehensive service level including:

  • Storage
  • Heating & Chilling
  • Repair & Modifications
  • Cleaning / Degassing
  • Full lining in tank containers
  • Full refurbishing of tank containers
  • Drumming: Hazardous, Food, non-hazardous, Toxic and Pungent

Van Moer Logistics has 2200 employees of which two hundred are directly involved in the depot services that take place in ports 200, 522, 650, 1054 and 1949 (left and right site).

"Our relationship goes way back" 

Even before Van Moer Logistics started using DEPOT Software, Iwan de Block participated in the development of the software. He gave input for various modules used daily in their operations. Iwan joined Van Moer Logistics in 2018, when the company was not yet using DEPOT Software. As of 2020, they switched to DEPOT's full-service software.

"The software is very user-friendly and Windows-based, which makes it easy to explain to a new employee. Most importantly, it is a complete package, so we only need one software vendor for our depot operations."

Van Moer Logistics uses DEPOT Software at all its locations

Using DEPOT Software at all Van Moer Logistics locations offers customers benefits. Examples include the same rates, uniform documents, quotes, and consistency in invoicing.

It also facilitates the onboarding program of staff and during acquisitions. For example, after acquiring Van Loon Group (which also worked with DEPOT Software), they migrated the software environments. This ensures that every Customer Service employee can be deployed to any location. "A matter of installing the laptop and you're done," he says.

This led to a blueprint for the future, where they want to expand the way of working in Belgium to Europe.

The integration of Van Broekman Logistics operations in Antwerp (Port 650 VLS), acquired in 2022, was simplified by the standard DEPOT Software blueprint. "We were able to implement the software quickly to make sure that we had the environmental and legal requirements technically correct for these depots."

Iwan likes to recommend DEPOT Software to other depots and is often consulted for that reason. "It would be convenient if DEPOT Software is used everywhere in Europe, with fewer platforms, it becomes easier for the customer."

Next steps for Van Moer Logistics

Van Moer is not just looking at the repeatability of using the software. They also have desires to add to the current blueprint. These could include preparing staging orders based on permits and availability at individual locations and making the DEPOT Portal available so customers can view their own status.

About DEPOT Software

DEPOT Software is an independent software supplier, providing operational depot management software solutions for the ISO tank container industry. Founded in 1996, DEPOT Software strives to provide the safest, most accessible and environmentally friendly working environment on and around the depot site. With the depot management system gain insight into your data so that you can quickly adapt to changes in the sector and can build the future of your business.

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