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With curated cleaning and a great time saver they can handle their cleanings quicker and efficient.

Tank cleaning services Sint Oedenrode, commonly known as TCS, started working with the DEPOT Software in the summer of 2016. The main focus at TCS is food cleaning, with two out of three clean lanes dedicated to the quick and curated cleaning of food tanks.

The DEPOT Software supports the entire cleaning process for TCS. It manages the wash programs, maintains the curated Cleaning Guard reports and keeps track of the cleaning sensor data in near real-time.

Jarno van der Velden, Operational Manager at TCS talks with us about their decisions for the curated PLC interface and the necessity of an interconnected system.

“After working for 6 years with an older Mitsubishi cleaning installation we decided to look towards the future with a brand new system.

Working together with DEPOT Software and Gröninger Cleaning Systems we have established a brand new cleaning installation that safe guards the quality of our cleaning process. “

Why did you choose to use the cleaning module while the PLC cleaning system can also run independently?

“The DEPOT Software is the heart of our operational administration, it contains all our CRM data, from contact information to customer agreements regarding prices and special cleanings. Additionally it allows us to fully record a cleaning order, from the first preannouncement to the last invoice.

“Because we record the cleaning procedures in the DEPOT Software we can always guarantee a curated cleaning according to the customers wishes, this ensures our customer always gets the highest quality as a result.”
“Another great advantage of our new cleaning installation is the time saved for our cleanings. With the new Siemens control panels we now have both a panel on the cleaning bridge and downstairs. This saves a lot of time for our employees who can now control the system from two places and no longer are required to keep walking to the bridge for the cleaning. “

About DEPOT Software

DEPOT Software is an independent software supplier, providing operational depot management software solutions for the ISO tank container industry. Founded in 1996, DEPOT Software strives to provide the safest, most accessible and environmentally friendly working environment on and around the depot site. With the depot management system gain insight into your data so that you can quickly adapt to changes in the sector and can build the future of your business.

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