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Today, we put Daan Janssen, project leader at Vos Logistics and application manager, in the spotlight.

For the past 10 years, Vos Logistics' cleaning stations in Oss and Lyon have been using DEPOT Software. Daan was initially involved in the implementation and later in application management. Recently, the cleaning stations in Oss and Lyon upgraded to the more extensive version of DEPOT Software.

Vos Logistics uses DEPOT Software to administer the cleaning activities of trailer silos and IBCs in both the Netherlands and France, as well as to provide services like the ECD (European Cleaning Document).

They have an interface between the financial system and DEPOT Software, ensuring the proper exchange of customer data.

Thanks in part to the efforts of application manager Daan, the implementation of DEPOT Software went smoothly.

What do you need for a succesful implementation? 

"It is essential to map out the operational work processes of the cleaning thoroughly. Based on that knowledge, it was possible to configure the software and create test scenarios. This ensured that the software aligns well with the operations. Additionally, a manual has been written about the software, tailored to our specific activities."

How did you deal with the different languages at Vos Logistics' cleaning stations in both the Netherlands and France?

"We received the training from Alexander (DEPOT Software consultant) in English through Microsoft Teams, and the manuals are also prepared in English." This approach has proven to be effective as Daan explains, "The users are satisfied with the software, and questions are only asked very occasionally."

What is the major advantage of working with DEPOT Software?

“The major advantage of working with DEPOT Software is that it provides a comprehensive solution in a single package for various functions, including order entry, cleaning instructions, official cleaning details, and generating the ECD (European Cleaning Document). Additionally, by utilizing a label printer, all paper documents can now be digitally stored within the cleaning dossier after scanning with the label.”

About DEPOT Software

DEPOT Software is an independent software supplier, providing operational depot management software solutions for the ISO tank container industry. Founded in 1996, DEPOT Software strives to provide the safest, most accessible and environmentally friendly working environment on and around the depot site. With the depot management system gain insight into your data so that you can quickly adapt to changes in the sector and can build the future of your business.

If you want to easily use the cleaning module of DEPOT Software, just like Vos Logistics, feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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