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ITACT is the most preferred partner for tank container services for a large number of local and worldwide leasing companies and operators. 

They focus on the repair and sales of tank containers and do this with 40 FTE spread over several sites where the main location is 13,000 m2. 

Since 2020 they have been working with DEPOT Software for Storage and Repair to their full satisfaction. 

“We score no less than 8.5 for customer satisfaction according to Joris Bours!”

For this case, we have spoken with Joris Bours, business development manager and Britt Paenen, administrative assistant.

ITACT Joris Boers en Britt Paenen

Start DEPOT Software

ITACT comes from its own system, but given the many market developments, it opts for a party that thinks along with them and ensures that the software grows with the market. Britt explains; “We are not an IT company, so it's nice to have a partner who anticipates what's happening in the market."

In 2021 ITACT started using the Storage module and processes Repair orders including estimates in DEPOT Software. “It is a user-friendly system,” says Joris.

By using DEPOT Software, they quickly managed to save an FTE.

Brit says; “Because everything is centrally combined in a complete file, including invoicing, it saves time and increases the quality. Everyone has global insight into the files.“

After the start with the software, the accomplishments within ITACT have certainly not stood still. Enthusiastically, Joris talks about the upcoming improvements in their processes and the appropriate use of the software.

In the meantime, for example, they have started the implementation of DEPOT for Mobile Estimate.

This module helps to improve the process of saving photos on the network.

They now open automatically with the correct orders in the software.

With this implementation, they have been able to save one FTE of time and can use the remaining time to deploy personnel to do other jobs. 

Next Move

The next logical step is the rollout of the Customer Portal. Joris says; “This allows us to give customers a better service.’’

They can easily look up photos, estimates and invoices in the portal and do not have to wait for us, as it is now. “That saves the customer like half a day.”

Future processes and improvements

ITACT is proud of the upcoming expansion of its services. For example, they will take care of the repairs of gas and coated tanks. “We are the second party in Belgium to provide this for the tank container industry. A great business opportunity”.

With the increase in the number of drivers this may result in, the Driver Kiosk is a valuable process improvement on the check-in side. This is expected to reduce the administrative burden by 0.25 FTE.

With the Driver Kiosk, the driver can register digitally, so manual copying of the order data is no longer necessary, which in addition to saving time also results in fewer errors due to poorly reading handwriting, for example.

About DEPOT Software

DEPOT Software is an independent software supplier, providing operational depot management software solutions for the ISO tank container industry. Founded in 1996, DEPOT Software strives to provide the safest, most accessible and environmentally friendly working environment on and around the depot site. With the depot management system gain insight into your data so that you can quickly adapt to changes in the sector and can build the future of your company, just like ITACT. 

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