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A look inside the DEPOT team

A day in the life of Alexander Thijssen, Software Consultant

You can best describe Alexander as a cheerful true optimist. He is eager to learn, social and a bit introverted. He has a passion for everything that has to do with computers and is a real animal lover (mainly birds). He is happily married to his wife Judith for over a year now.

Alexander's job consists of various responsibilities such as providing support and demo the software to customers, executing DEPOT Software updates at customer sites and quality assurance.

Alexander Thijssen

Tell me, how did your day start?

With a smile. I enjoy going to work every day. The customers challenge you, and that's fun! explains Alexander.

 "While enjoying a good cup of coffee and a ‘Liga’ (Liga is a brand of cookies) I check my e-mail and the support box. And then I start scanning the items, answering questions, solving the problems and scheduling online appointments with customers. Even after 3 years, there always are challenges. I really like that, the diversity in my job."

What do you like most about your work?

"I've had jobs where every day was the same, I felt like a machine then. But here, every day there are different questions, new functionalities to test and lots of customer contact. I do like that."

In the tank container industry, everything has to be ready yesterday, Alexander handles that well. From his visits to various depots, he knows how difficult the daily operation can be.

"Customers tell us enthusiastically what they use DEPOT Software for and how important the application it is to them, which is nice to hear and good to see."

If you ask Alexander if there are any less pleasant things, he thinks of software updates that take place outside office hours. "For the customers this is of course desirable, but if something unexpectedly goes wrong, I do find it difficult to ask a colleague for help in his or her spare time. Fortunately, we are a close-knit and dedicated team so it never turns out to be a problem."

What's the biggest compliment you've received from a customer?

"That they specifically ask for you when a colleague picks up the phone, cause of the good relationship."

Alexander begins to explain that DEPOT Software works with a customer satisfaction system. With every email sent from Support, the customer is asked to fill in how satisfied they are with the handling in order to make our support better every day.

It is good to see that the scores are positive and that customers post nice comments. When asked, Alexander shows a few of these comments:

Top handled, this makes me happy.

 It's nice that you understand DEPOT and give a good answer in terms of content. I'm happy about that!


What advice would you give yourself if you were a customer for a day?

“We have to keep developing ourselves to understand our customers and their business."

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