Spare Parts   

It's all about communication    

Manage your spare parts, the orders, supplier management, locations and administration directly in your Depot Software. Integrating your activities on just one location and benefit from it. Using this module you can directly book spare parts used in repair orders and send invoices for your sales orders.


Spare Parts module features

  • Spare Parts stock management
  • Keep track of stock mutations
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase advice based on minimum stock
  • Stand-alone sale orders
  • Supplier management
  • Import supplier parts catalogs
  • Track parts per supplier
  • Cash payment
  • Automatic stock valuation
  • Stock location: multiple warehouses
  • Automatically calculates Average Cost Price (ACP)
  • Purchase guide & warning pop-ups
  • Sales agreements per customer
  • Easily change stock values when counting
  • Backorders
  • Barcode scanning



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