Leasing & Trading

Keep track of all activities

Trade your equipment by rental, leasing or selling arranging everthing within your Depot Software Solution. Keeping track of your stock, orders and compleet history.


Leasing & Trading module features

  • Purchase, sales orders & quotes
  • Fleet management (periodic checks & signals for equipment or drivers)
  • Manage owned equipment (Containers, chassis, trailers, trucks, etc.)
  • Keep track of spent costs on equipment
  • Plan equipment tests and certification
  • Leasing orders
  • Keep track of empty, clean & location parameters of equipment
  • (Batch) Purchase and sales orders
  • Equipment renting and leasing
  • Renting and leasing price agreements
  • Planningboards
  • Invoices
  • Upgrade repair order to internal container costs
  • Keep track of depot history
  • Manage test dates and certifications



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