It's all about communication      

Container repair is all about quickly building an estimate, managing your assets and clear communication with the customer. Create repair orders by using library items or templates, assign employees, plan duration, add pricing agreements etc. The system will provide you with a visual presentation of the agenda and a forecast of the workload.


Estimating module features

  • Repair orders
  • Repair planning agenda
  • Repair tariff per customer
  • Manage repair pricelist (hours & material costs)
  • Pricing agreements per customer, per repair item, per repair item group
  • Multiple estimate versions
  • Cash payment
  • Print Workorder instructions for employees
  • Lessee/lessor capabilities
  • Authorization
  • Insurance fields
  • Repair item templates (package deals)
  • Print/mail Repair Estimates
  • EDI Status reporting
  • Customizable ISO codes


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