Customer Web Portal

Keep everyone informed      

Keep your customers informed about their containers with an online web portal showing them al the information they need in real-time. The web portal also provides a download function for estimates, clean certificates (ECD's) and much more!

Offer your customers real-time insight in container stock, daily movements, finished cleaning orders and accompanying documents (for example ECD certificates). Also provide product searching by text, and keep statistics on these product searches.


Customer Web Portal features

  • Web portal for customers
  • Integration in your website with iFrame/popup
  • Company colors and logo
  • Customer login (multiple companies for one user, different security access levels)
  • Live Stock reports overview
  • Live Daily movements overview






  • Live Cleaning orders overview
  • Container details visible per order
  • Container documents can be published per order (pictures, PDF certificates, etc. put in document management)
  • Chem. products clean price requests (searches logged)
  • IP address banning
  • Requires IIS

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