Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Communication is key     

Depot Software has a built-in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface. Great communication with your customers starts here!

Automated communication of estimates, status updates and handling is customisable to your specific needs and your customers wishes. Supporting many standard formats we can integrate almost every type of EDI connection. Using Depot everyone is informed the way they want to, whenever they want to.


EDI interface features

  • EDI source & target settings per customer
  • Customizable code groups & codes (repair, damage, component, etc.)
  • Supports GATIN format (handling in, repair complete, available)
  • Supports GATOUT format (handling out)
  • Supports WESTIM format (estimate, authorization)
  • Saves all sent items in EDI history queue, to be re-sent if necessary
  • Automated EDI testing procedure: generates all possible types of supported EDI messages in a ZIP file, ready for email to your partner
  • Needs to be configured according to your business contacts’ specifications


Digital connections with third-parties

  • Interbulk (formerly United)
  • Cronos EDI
  • Seaco Worldwide EDI
  • Unitas EDI
  • TAL International
  • VOTG estimate format
  • Eurotainer XLS export
  • Peter W. Lampke Codeco EDI
  • Textainer EDI


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