Send movement instructions to your stackers. Keeps better track of container movements using rugged touchscreen devices in the stacker. Occasionally Connected Application (OCA) which means that connection loss is not a problem anymore: once in WiFi range the modified data is synced back to the server. Trucks can work autonomously.

Provide your stackers with all of the information needed to work fast and efficient. This touch screen based applications sends and revieces information via a wireless connection between the stackers and the office. 


StackCom App features

  • Communication between office and depot Reach Stacker drivers
  • Touch enabled application for Stacker computer
  • Maintaining Depot locations & sublocations with spots & graphical maps,
  • Conformity rules checks (for example: max. total weight of ADR loaded containers per spot / number of containers per spot)




  • Stacker can accept order, or perform manual moves
  • Wireless Occasionally Connected Application: automatic reconnect & data synchronization at wireless hotspots
  • Requires WLAN
  • Hardware not included

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