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Permit - Dangerous Goods (SEVESO III)

Supports SEVESO III guidelines for dangerous goods storage prescribes classifications of groups of products or “named” substances, and various administrative requirements, but also storage tresholds and limitations based thereupon. 



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  • Depot services
  • Loaded services
  • Maintenance & support
  • Loaded and empty services
  • Handling and storage

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  • Tank container depot services
  • Empty tank container services
  • Loaded tank container services
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services
  • Tank container maintenance & repair services

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  • Basic

Safety first

Minimize manual checks


External safety aspects due to the presence of certain quantities of hazardous materials.

Permit - Dangerous Goods (SEVESO III)

Safety first

Adequate check and follow up by warnings and blockades when entering and using order data 

Minimize manual checks

All SEVESO data and rules available 


The administrative and reporting requirements of SEVESO III are available in DEPOT Software.  It provides a basic overview of on-yard loaded goods that fall within SEVESO regulations.

Permit - Dangerous Goods (SEVESO III)

The Seveso Directives are the main EU legislation dealing specifically with the control of on-shore major accident hazards involving dangerous substances. This DEPOT Software module supports the SEVESO directives. 

This SEVESO III functionality in DEPOT Software appears in different places and various contexts, it has been encountered in European Union (EU) Netherlands (part of BRZO) 

Germany, Belgium (part of VLAREM), Ireland (part of COMAH) 

The SEVESO III provides the securing of work by a Quality Manager. 

The functionalities to calculate the SEVESO thresholds contains the entry of a default maximum weight for each equipment type and product Classification Preparations.  

The configuration of Storage Thresholds and Limitations only concerns loaded equipment and products that are allowed on yard. This permit is independent of any other permits (for example ADR limitations may still apply) 


Seveso rules can be added and when entering data there will be end-user Warnings and Blockades on Gate In or Product Change and in the Stacker Terminal. 

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