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Interface - Weighing Bridge - Transloading

Various DEPOT Software modules provide buttons to retrieve weighing bridge information in real-time.



Suited for services

Depot services,Loaded ser...
  • Depot services
  • Loaded services
  • Maintenance & support
  • Liquid logistics services

Key areas

Tank container depot serv...
  • Tank container depot services
  • Empty tank container services
  • Loaded tank container services
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services
  • Tank container maintenance & repair services

Part of package

  • Basic

Operational interfaces

Two functions – one ERP

No manual data entry

Combine the transloading and weighing activities

Interface - Weighing Bridge - Transloading

Operational interfaces

Diversity of supported weighing bridge drivers.

Two functions – one ERP

The possibility to combine the weighbridge with operational order data

No manual data entry

No more writing down the weight

Interface - Weighing Bridge - Transloading

DEPOT Software connects to a number of supported simple weighing bridge webservices, that can communicate by sending sending a simple “base request command”. The returned result can be either a weighed value or an error code.

The supported functions for loaded tank container depot services can be defined as Weighing order screen (Single weigh) and Transloading order screen (Weigh before / weigh after).

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