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Interface - EECD (EU)

This is the cloud option of the European Cleaning Document, in which the whole process is recorded, and limits wrong information from being processed. 



Suited for services

Depot services,Loaded ser...
  • Depot services
  • Loaded services
  • Maintenance & support
  • Cleaning services
  • Handling and storage

Key areas

Tank container depot serv...
  • Tank container depot services
  • Empty tank container services
  • Loaded tank container services
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services
  • Tank container maintenance & repair services

Part of package

  • Basic

No need to manually update

Time efficient

Cloud based

The software provides the option to configure eECD subscriptions in DEPOT Software as well as process automatically each step taken in the cleaning order.

Interface - EECD (EU)

No need to manually update

The cleaning planner doesn't need to manually update ECD information. 

Time efficient

Removes time consuming steps in the process for the depot employee and the driver

Cloud based

The eECD is there to provide a good cloud option to save and provide the information of the ECD, to prevent incorrect or lost data. And in the end provide a beter workflow for the employees in this digital time. 

Interface - EECD (EU)

The Electronic European Cleaning document also known as eECD, is not created to replace the purchase and use of the Paper ECD. However, it is created to limit the option to process wrong information. With the cloud platform you can see the complete chain of the company, transport, cleaning and loading of a container, which can have long-term benefits or even immediate effect. 

It can keep the integrity of the data, since wrong information in the chemical industry can have a huge effect on safety for your employees and human life. 

Furthermore, in the process on the work floor it can have a positive effect. The data entered on a order is automatically updated to the eECD, when it is connected. The signature of the employee can be processed via Depot for Mobile or via Depot software to the eECD. Which again automatically updated in the cloud. 

When the driver comes to pick up the container, he can go directly to the Depot Driver Kiosk to enter his information and signature, which is then again saved and a Paper eECD is printed. This will save time at the reception desk. 

The difference between the ECD and eECD is not that it is paperless, because in the end a paper document is still printed. The normal ECD has a pre-printed number on specific paper. 

The eECD is digital and removes the need of a certificate with this preprinted number. However due to restrictions some tank containers require to be traveling with a paper trail, therefore it is possible to have a paper eECD, created from the cloud eECD. 


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