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Heating Services

Manage heating orders in DEPOT Software by the primary yard order product (first compartment product) with product remarks, warnings and measurements.



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Safety considerations

Flexible pricing

Optimize processes

Manage heating orders in DEPOT Software by the primary yard order product (first compartment product) with product remarks and remarks and measurements.

Heating Services

Safety considerations

Add safety rules related to the heating with warnings and flagged details.

Flexible pricing

Option to have pricing based on order data and/or heating details and/or periodicity strategies.

Optimize processes

Not only manual input for periodic temperature measurements is possible, but also automated DEPOT for Mobile - Heating Temperature Registration readouts can be done.

Heating Services

This module is created to manage heating orders in DEPOT Software. The primary yard order product (first compartment product) is used as the main subject of the heating order.

Product remarks and other remarks are always visible. Measurements can be tracked and prices calculated which are invoiced upon finishing the heating order.

DEPOT Software has the following heating methods configured per default steam, (high pressure), steam (low pressure), hot water and electrical.

The heating planning screen shows all pre-announced heating orders in the grid below. You can drag them into a heating lane in a sort order queue. The plan board itself shows important order information, colors and some special markers.

The Heating order screen shows all related customer order data, heating details and pricing.

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Productcode: LOS.100.MOD

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