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DEPOT for Mobile - M&R Estimating

Add estimate lines and pictures to a to-be-estimated order, save the content back to DEPOT Software and e-mail the estimate to your customer by using a handheld device. 


DEPOT for Mobile - App

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Depot services,Loaded ser...
  • Depot services
  • Loaded services
  • Maintenance & support
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Handling and storage

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  • Tank container depot services
  • Empty tank container services
  • Loaded tank container services
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services
  • Tank container maintenance & repair services
  • DEPOT for Mobile

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No dirty papers

Reduces the errors

Creating clear, detailed estimates is a huge part of running a successful depot business. With the DEPOT for Mobile M&R Estimate App, you can centralize, speed up, and streamline the entire estimate process, right from the initial gate-in check through to accepting the quote.

DEPOT for Mobile - M&R Estimating


With the DEPOT for Mobile M&R Estimate App, you can centralize, speed up, and streamline the entire estimate process.

No dirty papers

By using the M&R Estimating app, estimators no longer have to deal with wet or dirty papers and bad handwriting to type over.

Reduces the errors

Because the estimates are immediately saved into the software, it reduces the margins of error and there is less data input workload. Also, the estimator no longer has to search of pictures to match the right container.

DEPOT for Mobile - M&R Estimating

Many M&R shops are looking for ways to work more efficiently (and preferably faster), without compromising quality.

Obstacles that we often hear with DEPOT Software are: working with paper, illegible manuscripts, spending a lot of time linking photos to the correct containers, retyping paper to the software and having to go back to the container because mandatory fields that are skipped. A lot of time for estimating professionals is lost in manual work, instead of doing what they are good at: estimating.

The total solution? The DEPOT Software M&R estimator app. With this you enter all data in the M&R shop directly into the software, and you can add photos per estimate line with a tablet or other handheld device. This way you save a lot of valuable time and eliminate the chance of mistakes due to overtyping work. 

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