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DEPOT for Mobile - Cleaning

The Tank Container Cleaning app enables you to digitally register and upload all information into DEPOT Software.

Cleaners only want to work with the DEPOT Cleaning App.

It's safe, it's fast and it's easy!


DEPOT for Mobile - App

Suited for services

Cleaning services,Loaded ...
  • Cleaning services
  • Loaded and empty services

Key areas

DEPOT for Mobile,Tank con...
  • DEPOT for Mobile
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services

Part of package

  • Basic

Forced safety popups

Optimized paperless process

Polymer checklist (CEFIC/ACTA/EFTCO)

Immediately saved in DEPOT Software!

DEPOT for Mobile - Cleaning (incl. polymer checklist)

Forced safety popups

Safety first! Cleaners are forced to see and safety instructions and important remarks. When cleaning a product for the first time, a remark can be sent back to the safety manager (or a lab).

Optimized paperless process

Cleaners can focus on their work instead of having to deal with paper administration, handoffs and communication with office personnel.

Polymer checklist (CEFIC/ECTA/EFTCO)

Force signing of polymer product checklist.  Avoid additional paper trails, manual scanning and administration.

DEPOT for Mobile – Tank Container Cleaning App

A pure process

Cleaners just select an order, read and agree to the safety warnings and start cleaning.

Additional work can be added upon finishing a cleaning.

Environmental elegance

As environmental legislation, domain guidelines and ISO integrations increase, the Tank Container Cleaning App is the perfect way to enforce conformity.

For example: Best Pratice Guidelines for the Cleaning of dry bulk polymer transport tanks (CEFIC/ECTA/EFTCO)

Technical tidyness

This module runs on the existing DEPOT for Mobile infrastructure, and is thus easily enabled.

The app communicates with DEPOT Software via the internet, and also works well together with PLC integrated set-ups.

Device Safety in explosive atmospheres

There are special safety requirements for using mobile devices in areas with explosive atmospheres, such as cleaning bays.

-EU users must comply with the ATEX directive (read more on the ATEX Wikipedia page)

-US users should check OSHA or NEC standards

Recommended devices

  • Robust devices that are suitable for usage when wearing gloves.
  • Handstraps
  • Docking stations for charging + additional batteries
  • Detailed specific system requirements are available upon request.

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Product information

Productcode: CLS.310.DFM

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