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DEPOT Driver Kiosk - Accompanied Cleaning

Improve services to drivers coming wash a container or trailer, and reduce human error by providing a kiosk that offers fast ways to retrieve containers and requesting ad-hoc services.


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Suited for services

Depot services,Loaded ser...
  • Depot services
  • Loaded services
  • Maintenance & support
  • Cleaning services
  • Handling and storage
  • Loaded and empty services

Key areas

Tank container depot serv...
  • Tank container depot services
  • Empty tank container services
  • Loaded tank container services
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services
  • Tank container maintenance & repair services
  • Driver Kiosk

Part of package

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Improve customer service

Decrease workload

Optimize processes

Remove paper forms, language barriers and data input workload at the acceptance desk

DEPOT Driver Kiosk - Accompanied Cleaning

Improve customer service

Overcome language barriers for normal work.

Decrease workload

Remove paper forms (dirty, unreadable handwriting, etc.), Less interaction office personnel with drivers and workload office personnel changes from acting to checking.

Optimize processes

Expand digital entry form with new options

DEPOT Driver Kiosk - Accompanied Cleaning

The DEPOT Accompanied Cleaning Driver Kiosk improves the service-level for drivers coming in to clean a container or trailer at cleaning stations can. This solution removes paper forms, language barriers and data input workload, leaving more time for the acceptant to focus on exceptions. It guides the driver through a menu (partly configurable on depot wishes) to add the pre announcement for accompanied cleaning.


The Driver Kiosk will check for existing pre-announce requests and expected orders. The check is based on matching important variables (f.e. container number / trailer license plate, customer reference and a matching container number / trailer license plate).

Depending on the search and match the driver can be routed by the kiosk to enter more details or visit the service/ acceptance desk or directly ordered to a location on the depot.

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Productcode: CLS.300.DDK

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