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Cleaning station: A Business Case of our customer Saalemühle

Saalemühle is a family company with a capacity to process approximately 1300 tons of wheat per day. To realize the delivery of more than 100 different flour recipes to customers, Saalemühle has its own fleet of trucks. In order to guarantee quality and flexibility, they decided to build a tank cleaning system: TruckWash Alsleben | Tank- und Siloinnenreinigung. With the cleaning services module of DEPOT Software, the company improved on-yard tank container movement efficiency. Ronny Sonntag is in the lead of the new tank cleaning system and involved as a project manager.  

Driver kiosk software

The company cleans around 650 trucks each month. In order to effectively eliminate long waits and resolving time constraint conflicts, the driver kiosk was introduced. Self-service kiosk technology allows drivers to expedite the process by entering their personal information and other relevant details digitally. They select a cleaning program and confirm the service by accepting the offer.

Ronny Sonntag: “One of the deciding factors for us was that the software could be customised. Also we as a company were heavily involved in co-creating the software. Before we worked with handwritten sheets and did a lot of manual work, which had a high error sensitivity to it. We were ready for the next step. Together with DEPOT Software we were able to build an innovative software system for our TruckWash.”

Next level technology

Around ten people within the company work on a daily basis with the software. The truck and tank cleaners, the IT department and financial administrators know their way around it: “The software makes our processes easier and fluent. We want to stand out with our truck wash equipment and the technology behind it. If we come across a problem or bug, DEPOT Software is there to help. Working quite some time now with the software I can say we have really improved our services. Quality is very important to us. After that we focus on time and pricing. Thanks to the software we can bring our tank cleaning services to the next level.”

Partnership and optimisation

“We are now looking into optimising the software based on our needs and roadmad. In this process we collect feedback from our employees and customers. For example we want to streamline our invoices and build a digital display board in order to inform drivers outside the building about the planning. In that way we can automate even further.” In Germany there are many traditional tank cleaning services that involve a lot of paperwork. Saalemühle wants to work paperless and lead the industry by implementing innovative software and systems.

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