Smart data transfer for the container industry

with SYNDA a Value Added Network

DEPOT Software enables you to make the next move in your depot operation. A huge part in realizing this has to do with optimizing your communication flows.To do so we've partnered up with SYNDA. This is a VAN (Value Added Network), for the container industry. SYNDA aims to simplify and optimize the data transfer between stakeholders in the container industry.


We'd love to give an introduction on what you can achieve using this powerful platform and new way of communcation with all stakeholders in your operation.
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Common Data Exchange Landscape

The usual interface landscape between actors in the industry is cluttered, riddled with variation and the worst case scenario may look something like this image.

This landscape has been known to cause a number of serious issues because of the way the system works:

  • No data exchange standard
  • Data exchange many : many
  • No Transparancy
  • Customized exchange formats
  • Time & money consuming

It is hard to turn such a complex subject into a growth enabler or your company.

"We envision a tank container industry where all stakeholders can profit form the availability of tank container data. The tank container industry requires a new approach to effectively manage the exchange of data."

SYNDA's Vision statement

Optimized Data Exchange Landscape (using SYNDA)

SYNDA envisions a container industry where all stakeholders can profit from the availability of container data. The container industry requires a new approach to effectively manage the exchange of data.

The SYNDA philosophy adds new ways of working in the industry and is characterized by:

  • Data exchange platform
  • Data exchange 1 : many
  • Data exchange library
  • Standardized exchange formats
  • Increase speed
  • Save money
  • Reduce communication & coordination

Benefits working with a VAN like SYNDA

Lower cost of data exchange
No need to change your existing application
Fixed monthly fee for al messages
Higher services, faster response
Data is direct available

The VAN model

The VAN approach is to connect to others via the platform. Eliminating the need of developing a custom made connecting for each new stakeholder or message. This makes it way easier for organizations to accept any format form the sender and convert this to any format for the receiver.

By integrating with many parties within the same domain, a library of integrations is created that can be reused over and over again, thus creating a sustainable growth and minimizing waste.

Once connected, you are part of SYNDA and you are able to communicate with all parties that are connected to SYNDA, thus making it extremely easy to setup new relations with suppliers and customers.


To offer the best set of tools for every tank container services provider we work closely together with a partner network. SYNDA is a product by our partner Dutch Grit, which we highly recommend for connecting with every stakeholder within your depot operation.

Depot message types

A VAN can be used by tankcontainer services providers for messages types like

  • Pre-announce
  • Acknowledge
  • Cancelation
  • Gate in + photo
  • Cleaning complete
  • Repair estimate + photo
  • Repair authorisation
  • Heating started


The tech

Because of the scale of integration and responsibility for the communication proces, SYNDA relies on the latest technology. The platform is built as a cloud native SAAS on Microsoft Azure Technology, with the highest Availability, Security and Reliability that Azure has to offer.


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