The transition to a new software system can be a major challenge. It's not a decision you will just take and start working different the next day. Therefore we offer not just a software package, but a custom solution perfectly suited to your organization, services, wishes en needs. When you choose for Depot Software, our teams will guide you through the entire transition process.

Perfectly integrated within your organisation
Connection with your interfaces & systems
Building processes & workflows
Data migration

The transition process

After comprehensive inventory, a survey, a few meetings and discussions, a dedicated project manager will bring the transition into motion. This includes selecting the right modules, configure them to your wishes and build up the various systems (EDI, Financial, etc.).


When all relevant data is imported, testing rounds and shadow runs are planned to test the system. All of this can be done in our office, or a testing server under your control. When the perfect solution is designed we install it at your location and start deploying.

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