An application like DEPOT Software helps you organize, manage, monitor and control your company and all it's activities. To make sure none of your critical business processes will ever come to a halt we offer different service level agreements.


To get the the system perfectly tailored to your organization we offer a consultancy service. The consultant helps you thoroughly analyze your Depot related business processes in advance of the project.

In the later stage of the project the consultant helps you to set up and configure the many processes that can be automated, such as automatic e-mailing customer reports, price calculations, document scanners and invoice generation. 

The scalability and flexibility of the application allows it to move along with the growth of your company. Our consultants are standing by to pick up changes any time you require them to.


The transition to a new software system can be a major challenge. It's not a decision you will just take and start working different the next day. Therefore we offer not just a software package, but a custom solution perfectly suited to your organization, services, wishes en needs. When you choose for Depot Software, our teams will guide you through the entire transition process.


Using DEPOT Software to it's full potential and getting the most out of every feature and module, requires one or more training courses. DEPOT Software is an easy-to-use intuitive program and within a day we can learn your employees to work with it. At this moment we provide one introduction course and three more specialized courses, each one given by one of our DEPOT specialists.

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