Don’t let your cleaning expertise go to waste

DEPOT Software is the state-of-the-art cleaning solution that channels proper information to all stakeholders.

Tank container & silo truck cleaning

As a tank container cleaning station you must juggle process optimization, safeguarding the cleaning expertise that your senior employees have gathered, safety protocols, quality assurance and tailor-made cleaning methods and pricing structures for your customers, all the while keeping the competitive edge needed to grow and sustain your business.


What you need

Move your strategic focus from sustaining your business towards growing your customer-base by doing ‘specials’ and being known for your operational excellence! Safeguard process expertise and domain knowledge information in a singular source that is EFTCO-compliant. Be able to monitor budgetary trends and verify whether procedures were followed. Streamline the customer experience by providing a digital channels for order entry and return information. Keep track of one-stop-shop services related to cleaning process like heel disposal.

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Benefit directly

  • Store information about customers, pricing, product information, product safety, cleaning methods and MSDS files into one database
  • Create and track proposals for your heel disposal customers
  • Improve customer experience by directing drivers to the driver terminal and speed up the process
  • Inform cleaners of pending orders, cleaning methods and safety information (GHS)
  • Add secured ATEX compliant devices next to the cleaning bay to minimize operational paperflow
  • Scan pre-printed ECD’s and upload automatically to the customer portal or directly to your customer
  • Annihilate time spent creating invoices by our one-button-invoice method
  • Interface with 3rd-party cleaning systems (for example: Gröninger, Dibo, GreenCat)



  • Use the depot insights (BI) to view average turnover per cleaning bay, per cleaner, busiest times and much more to help you make informed decisions
  • EFTCO compliant: Compliant with European EFTCO standards
  • SGF compliant: Connect to data provided by your cleaning systems provider and present graphs of temperature, pressure and flowrate measurements to your customers in the food industry


The Cleaning Connector has been audited bij SGF and passed all tests.


The DEPOT Software solutions offers

Project support

  • Project management
  • Assistance with process change management
  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • User training


  • DEPOT Software
    Cleaning services module
    Heel disposal module
  • DEPOT for Mobile
    Driver terminal  
    Cleaner terminal
  • DEPOT Insight
    Tank container & silo cleaning services dashboard
  • DEPOT Customer Portal
    Tank container & silo cleaning services
  • DEPOT Software Connector
    Cleaning PLC
    EDI for cleaning status updates


  • DEPOT Software
    Document scanner
  • Cleaner Terminal app
    ATEX compliant devices
  • Driver Terminal app
    Compliant devices


For a sucesful implementation    

  • DEPOT Software TCSP solution
  • Change management
  • Printer & fallback printer when EFTCO ECD documents are involved
  • External connections may require development by a 3rd party
  • EDI definitions & credentials from 3rd parties

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