Are your repair ratios in a fix?

Tank container maintenance and repair are significant cost factors in the tank container transport chain.

Tank container maintenance & repair

Tank container repair is all about quickly building estimates, clear communication with the customer and efficiently managing your personnel and spare part inventory.


What you need

Tank container repair workshops need to cut costs by minimizing operational bottlenecks. You need a system that shortens your response times, provides better communication channels with your customers, helps deploy staff more efficiently, distribute knowledge of senior staff in a way that improves first-time fix rates and helps keep track of lucrative package deal agreements.

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Benefit directly

  • Store information about customers, pricing, common repair tasks, package deals, labour  hour registration, spare parts costs, and spare parts stock into one database
  • Handle the operational paperwork in minutes using the optimized user interface
  • Plan repair work based on tank container ETD and personnel expertise
  • Add secured devices to the estimator process to enforce checklists and build estimates much faster
  • Interface with customers using EDI
  • Allow repair estimate authorization via customer portal


  • Set up M&R terminals  to track time spent and tasks finished by workers
  • Use the M&R warehouse app  to track spare parts taken and returned by workers
  • Annihilate time spent creating invoices by our one-button-invoice method
  • The M&R BI dashboard shows revenues and helps you to monitor repairs that exceed their estimate, average turnover per repair workshop, type of work done, performance per workman and much more to help you make informed decisions




The DEPOT Software solutions offers

Project support

  • Project management
  • Assistance with process change management
  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • User training


  • DEPOT Software
    Tank container M&R services module
    Spare parts warehouse module
  • DEPOT for Mobile
    M&R Estimating app
    M&R Work terminal app
    M&R Spare parts warehouse app
  • DEPOT Insight
    TC M&R services dashboards
  • DEPOT Customer Portal
    Tank container M&R services
  • DEPOT Software Connector
    EDI for repair estimates, authorizations
    and status updates


  • M&R Estimating app
    Compliant devices
  • M&R Work app
    Compliant devices
  • M&R Spare parts warehouse app
    Compliant devices


For a sucesful implementation      

  • DEPOT Software TCSP solution
  • Change management
  • Mobile subscription for handheld device(s)
  • External connections may require development by a 3rd party
  • EDI definitions & credentials from 3rd parties

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