Assuring the safety of your staff and the environment, secure processes  is a mayor point of attention to every organisation. Keeping track of these activities can be a time consuming process. Especially when your company is ISO or SQAS certified it’s essential to have a good system to log the information.


Cleaning station

Assuring the safety
Secure processes
Pro-active check warnings

SHEQ module features

  • Keep track of manuals and permits
  • Manage signals determined by date or by scoring counter
  • Pro-active check warnings & expiration warnings by email
  • Track status of non-conformities (per customer, haulier, employee, etc.)
  • Register of complaints, accidents, structural measures, effectively, etc. (ISO)
  • Insight at any given time

SHEQ helps you to assure the safety of your staff and the environment. It enables you to log the information in a good system.

How SHEQ works





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