Planning & Transport

With the release of the Planning & Transport module, DEPOT Software also becomes a full-service solution to Depot Yards with logistic activities and vice-versa. With this module even more activities can be organized, managed and controlled within just one software solution.


Truck container

Plan services (cleaning, repair, transport)
Visual plan board (drag & drop)
Follow-up transports

Planning & Transport module features

  • Simple equipment/product transports from A to B
  • Complex equipment/product transport projects (CRM, combine with on-yard services, external parties)
  • Fleet management
  • Equipment combinations
    • Create orders
    • Plan services (transport, cleaning, repair, etc.)
    • Visual plan board (drag & drop)
    • Keep track of costs (internal, external)
    • Plan and manage equipment and drivers ( both your own & 3rd party)


  • Price agreements with customers
  • Follow-up transports
  • Declarations
  • Mileage calculation (free mileage, etc.)
  • Customs integration (CMR)


Organize, manage and control your activities within just one software solution.


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