Our modules helps you to transform your Depot Operations quickly, cost-effectively, and without sacrificing profitability, transparency, or internal control. With the modules of DEPOT Software you are in control of your Depot Operations, because you always have the latest information. Your organization has one integrated platform to share information across all boundaries, time zones, languages and cultures. You can zoom in on the details, get more information with one click and make the right decisions. It allows you to keep track of the life cycle of the tank container on the Depot yard.


Cleaning containers on your depot and managing all administration around the process can be a time-consuming task. The module enables you to build programs and schedules, so you can speed up by minimizing paperwork.


Container repair is all about quickly building an estimate, managing your assets and clear communication with the customer. The system will provide you with a visual presentation of the agenda and a forecast of the workload.

Spare parts

Manage your spare parts, orders, supplier management, locations and administration directly in DEPOT Software. With this module you can book spare parts used in repair orders and send invoices for your sales orders.


The Heating module helps you preparing a container to be unloaded by heating its contents. You are able to create orders, schedules, proces programs and monitor the entire heating process.

Leasing & Trading

The Leasing & Trading module enables you to trade your equipment by rental, leasing or selling arranging everthing within your DEPOT Software. Keeping track of your stock, orders and complete history.

Planning & Transport

With the Planning & Transport module, DEPOT Software becomes a full-service solution to Depot Yards with logistics activities. Even more activities can be organized, managed and controlled within just one software solution.

Product Storage & Transfer

The Product Storage & Transfer module provide you to manage the storage of products on the yard or teminal, keep track of transfers and all agreements with your customers. 


Assuring the safety of your staff and the environment, secure processes is a mayor point of attention to every organisation. The SHEQ module helps you with keeping track of these activities.


The Batch module enables you to: add hundreds of similar orders simultaneously, keep track of batches, apply status changes, data changes and apply repair estimates. It helps you to speed up the process!