How long can you afford to remain idle??

As a provider of empty tank container storage services you are often faced with tedious and error-prone communication about large quantities of customer orders, sometimes even within your own company.

Empty tank container service provider

To keep drivers and customers happy you must reduce idle time at the gate. So how do you improve on-yard tank container movement efficiency? Is it possible to minimize the massive administrative effort required to compile handling and storage invoices?


What you need

You need digital pre-announcement channels and real-time order status communication with customers or internal trucking software, using automated reporting by PDF, EDI, API or web-portal. Streamline the interchange process at the gate using terminals and apps that enforce your process and data health.

The location of tank containers must be easily managed and predicted during the task workflow across the storage yard.
An automated system should calculate and invoice complex handling and storage prices according to a large number of order variables, and be well-prepared to handle container-related occurrences like customer changes due to off-hire and annually updated customer agreements.

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Benefit directly

  • Order pre-announcement and real-time status insight by customer portal  
  • Provide digital channels for internal and external IT parties    
  • Eliminate the operational paper flow for the interchange process completely, and enforce predefined checklists   
  • Add a driver terminal for local pre-announcement to the gate or in the office, to eliminate the operational paper flow for this process completely   
  • Digitize incoming documents (like ECD’s or test certificates) and upload automatically to the customer portal or to your customer directly   


  • Allow stacker drivers to quickly finish movement requests and track movements in our ‘occasionally connected’ stacker terminal   
  • Annihilate time spent creating invoices by our one-button-invoice method   
  • Use our BI dashboard, depot insights, to see where the money comes from, dependencies and excesses, average turnover per customer, type of work, number of moves and much more to help you make informed decisions and validate the results




The DEPOT Software solutions offers

Project support

  • Project management
  • Assistance with process change management
  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • User training


  • DEPOT Software
    Empty TC services module
  • DEPOT for Mobile
    Tank container gate checklist
    Stacker terminal
  • DEPOT Insight
    Tank container depot services dashboards
  • DEPOT Customer Portal
    Tank container depot services
  • DEPOT Software Connector
    Incoming pre-announcements
    EDI for gate moves


  • DEPOT Software
    Document scanner
    Thermal label printer
  • Gate Interchange app
    Compliant devices
  • Stacker Terminal app
    Compliant devices


For a succesful implementation      

  • Change management  
  • Markings or signage on your container storage yard
  • Mobile subscription for handheld device(s)
  • External connections may require development by a 3rd party
  • EDI definitions & credentials from 3rd parties

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