Monitoring your processes, workflow and data, spotting trends can help you manage your company by learning from the past, adapting to changes and always be prepared for the future. Depot Software offers many reports which allow you to monitor your company’s performance. 


Dashboard                 Dashboard

Spotting trends
Monitoring your processes, workflow and data
Real-time data

DEPOT Trends App features

In addition to the DEPOT Software packages we have released the Trends App. With Trends you can monitor Real-time data, compare it with historical data and show in graphical overviews and discover trends. Monitor KPIs such as invoiced and operational turnover and visualize it with nice graphs, split out by customer, product type, etc… Per week, month or quarter.

  • Dashboard with KPI graphs
  • Real time data and historical overviews
  • Invoiced turnover
    • Filtered by customer
    • Per week, month or quarter
  • Overview of services (Cleaning, Repair, Handling, Storage and Heating)
    • Operational turnover, count and duration
    • Filtered by customer and type
    • Per week, month or quarter 


Monitor real-time data, compare it with historical data an show it in graphical overviews. So your company can make the right decisions. 


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