Get to know our solutions for the six different disciplines we defined within the Tank Container Service Provider industry


An introduction - our definition of a Tank Container Service Provider

We define Tank Container Service Providers (TCSPs) as a knowledgeable on-stop-shop for tank container services, tuned to the demands of the region and alliances. As a TCSP you offer an integrated service portfolio. Your main challenge is to achieve your strategic goals.

DEPOT Software is intended for TCSPs who offer a wide range of services on the yard such as storage, cleaning, testing, inspecting, and repair.  These services are highly regulated and require to meet stringent standards of operation, including statutory periodic inspection and renewal of test certification.

Challenges & needs

The DEPOT Software DMS is developed with the industry's challenges and needs in mind.
We have observed three factors that every organization must overcome.


Breaking the silos

Although as a Tank Container Service Provider you offer an integrated service portfolio, it may well have more than one source of master data, requiring manual and time-consuming re-entry of information.

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Challenge 02

Untangle your IT spaghetti

As your tank container services increase, you often acquire and absorb new depot sites, offices and functions.

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Challenge 03

Information overload

It’s a given fact, the quantity of your data doubles every two years. This data can be a gold mine for making numerous business critical decisions.

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Software Philosophy

DEPOT Software is build based on 5 five philosophy points.

Extension of and/or Replacement of Basic Elements
The Real World Approach
Connections & Interfaces
Happy Flows. Simplified User Experience
No Feature Lock

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