Cleaning PLC

The next level cleaning quality management. Cleaning PLC for DEPOT Software helps you take accurate measurements directly from the cleaning station PLC. 


Cleaning station


Measure flow, temperature, consumed hot & cold water, chemicals, steam and much more
Automatically report measurements to your customers, free of charge
Secured cleaning: Cleaning certificate (ECD) can only be printed after PLC finished the cleaning

Cleaning PLC features

The food market demands high quality cleaning and insight and transparency in measurements per cleaning. You on the other hand want to compare usage costs with the price you charged to your customer for each cleaning order, to track cost-effectiveness and discover trends. You may also be required to secure your cleaning process by making sure a Cleaning Certificate can only be printed after a cleaning actually took place, and prove this in an upcoming audit.


  • PLC connection
  • Secured cleaning
  • Measuring consumption (water, energy) per order
  • Logging temperature
  • Reports with graphs, cost analyses
  • Compatible with Gröninger Cleaning Systems
  • Actual logged values depend on available sensor data

The Cleaning Connector has been audited bij SGF and passed all tests.



Take your cleaning quality management to the next level with the Cleaning Guard Interface.


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