Finding ways to squeeze more profits out of a Depot’s supply chain is a challenge. The Tank Container Industry requires the constant transmission of invoice, order and shipment information between them and their trading partners. Fax and standard mail have become obsolete with the optimization of EDI tools & web services. These technologies have reinvented trading partner communication and the speed of doing business. Fortunately, the interfaces for DEPOT Software can unlock one of the most important cost saving options available.

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Cleaning PLC

The cleaning PLC interface for DEPOT Software helps you take accurate measurements directly from the cleaning station PLC. The next level cleaning quality management.

Heating PLC

The heating PLC interface for DEPOT Software provide you with a real-time monitoring system (PLC connection) for all your heating processes. 


The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface makes it possible to automate communication of estimates, status updates and handling is customisable to your specific needs.


The Financial interface provide you with a set of tools to make invoicing as easy as possible. Define prices, agreements, ledgers, VAT once and let the automatic invoice generator do the rest.

Chemical storage reporting

Chemical storage reporting makes it possible to report daily of loaded containers, their ADR classes and easily automate it. Working with chemical products requires this.

Smart data transfer

DEPOT Software enables you to make the next move in your depot operation. A hughe part in realizing this has to do with optimizing your communication flows. SYNDA aims to simplify and optimize the data transfer between stakeholders in the container industy.

Document imaging importer

Scans barcoded documents (e.g. cleaning certificate, repair instruction), and applies business logic: e.g.

  • auto-attach to order,
  • publish on Customer Webportal,
  • email to customer.

Product database

Interface between DEPOT Software and Cindax,to quickly check (M)SDS data.


Reads weigh-results into weighing orders or transloading orders.