M&R Estimating

The DEPOT for Mobile Estimate App ensures the highest levels of efficiency from your Depot workers, while simultaneously impressing and delighting your customers. In fact, the average TCSP which uses the M&R app moves up estimator productivity by 15%* and customer satisfaction scores by 9%.

Business challenges

Tank container maintenance and repair are significant cost factors in the tank container transport chain. Tank container repair is all about quickly building estimates, clear communication with the customer and efficiently managing personnel and spare part inventory. Tank container repair workshops need to cut costs by minimizing operational bottlenecks. You need a system that shortens your response times, provides better communication channels with your customers, helps you to deploy staff more efficiently, distribute knowledge of senior staff in a way that improves first-time fix rates and helps you to keep track of lucrative package deal agreements.

The Depot for Mobile M&R Estimate app

Creating clear, detailed estimates is a huge part of running a successful depot business. With the DEPOT for Mobile M&R Estimate App, you can centralize, speed up and streamline the entire estimate process, right from the initial gate-in check through to accepting the quote. The estimate app allows you to quickly capture work order forms electronically. You can use it to capture and track all necessary work items and customer information. It interacts with DEPOT Software to give you the total price for both parts and labor. The app can be configured to customize it for your specific needs.

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Depot related functions

Professional job estimates in minutes, right from the depot yard!

Make project estimates quantifying labor, parts, materials and equipment

With DEPOT for Mobile Estimate App your technicians can produce engaging estimates using a mobile device on the depot yard.

Attach Images to damage markings

Need to grab a photo of a damage, you can directly attach it to the damage marking.

Information directly available to your customers

As soon as the estimate has been completed, the estimate is directly available for your customer which will speed up the approval process.

Product features

Smart syncSeamless offline/ online capabilities with Smart Sync, so that technicians can access customer or product information, capture service remotely, regardless of internet connectivity.


Single signSingle sign to ensure seamless, secure access.


Data validationFormulas and advanced data validation during data entry ensures data integrity even if connectivity is not available.


SearchEasy to search for parts and products in trunk stock and the trunk stock of nearby technicians.

Automated pricingReal-time, automated pricing for time and materials estimations.


AttachmentsAdd attachments, so that technicians can easily capture and share photos taken from the tank container.


ChecklistsChecklist and data collection for contextual instructions and multi-section forms delivered alongside work order, location, customer and other field details.