Gate checklist

The Old Way

The check-in process has been a fairly standard procedure for years: a depot worker inspects the tank container, records tank container data, inspects & registers damages and in case of a loaded container inspects the content. All is done manually on a paper interchange with carbon paper, which is given as a certificate to the driver. From this point on the depot yard is responsible for the container.  The paper is dropped off at the office and filed in cabinets.


The New Way

The inspector uses a mobile app tied to a back-end depot system which allows him to check-in and inspect a container and assess its damage more accurately and based on complete, consistent and even historical data. The inspector is notified immediately when the container is pre-announced or when a customer order is in place. The inspection report is automatically printed and filed in the content management system with the yard order and is automatically printed and available on the customer portal. The stacker is automatically notified that the container is ready to be picked up.