DEPOT for Mobile

The demand for fast, real-time insights and processing of container depot operations is getting increasingly bigger. DEPOT for Mobile provides a solution by making it possible to digitalize all workflows that are currently done on paper.


Enable depot worker productivity
Increase & improve partner collaboration
Improve customer interaction

How DEPOT for Mobile works

In the app, which is an extension to DEPOT Software, data is entered a single time and then becomes available for all stakeholders. Data can be used interdepartmental. The app is an extension on DEPOT software, which means it’s easy to implement. By using the app, the use of paper can be reduced to zero. Containers can be pre-announced for check-in and the stacker will be notified when the container is ready for transportation. This way processes will be sped up immensely. In short, the Depot for Mobile app has many features that can benefit any container depot.


DEPOT for Mobile making it possible to digitalize all workflows that are currently done on paper. So you can work paperless and increase your depot worker productivity.


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DEPOT for Mobile

Intro (1/3)


The tank container industry is a highly competitive low-margin business that is competing with multiple modes of transport. In such an environment costs need to be controlled and processes have to be lean.

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DEPOT for Mobile

Mobile on the rise (2/3)

DEPOT for Mobile

DEPOT for Mobile decreases the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. Instead of being behind the desk, employees are out in the field, making more informed decisions thanks to instant access to operational data, making use of best practices and existing workflows.

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DEPOT for Mobile

Tech talk (3/3)


Mobile applications do not only need to support four or five business processes, they have to work for a number of different business groups that asks for multiple applications each. As each group changes strategies and systems, tank container depots must be able to quickly and smoothly make updates to mobile workflow applications.

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 Depot for Mobile

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