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Today's customers are crazy busy and this is the reason TCSP’s want to invest in the latest tools and technology to ease the transactions and lessen the amount of communication.


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Business challenges

Increased competition within the transport and logistics market, customer service has become an essential part of a tank container service provider’s job. The biggest challenge is to deliver the best quality products along with the best customer service against the lowest cost possible. As a study conducted by Harvard Business Review suggests, it’s reducing customer effort that actually builds customer loyalty more than any other factor.

Does your business need a self-service customer portal? Key points that may indicate the need for a web portal include:

  • Share and exchange relevant documentation
  • Extend customer support services without recruiting further employees by allowing customers to raise issues and track support tickets
  • Improve access to invoices and M&R quote Stock reports, interchanges, etc
  • Allow customers to authorize M&R quotes
  • Issue customer invoices


The customer web portal

The benefits of the DEPOT Customer Portal:  include increased customer satisfaction, improved communication, the removal of costly, non-value adding data entry. The DEPOT Customer Portal is fully integrated with DEPOT Software, enabling you to automate the transfer of information between your systems in real time. The DEPOT Customer Portal will help your employees and customers access and update relevant information quickly and efficiently.

One of the advantages of the DEPOT Customer portal is that customers can contact a business out-of-hours when it best suits them. It means that you do not have to find additional resources to extend working hours and increase employee numbers. It helps to maintain customer experience by helping customers to access relevant information, reducing the number of inbound support calls and enquiries.

Tank container depot services

Enables your customers to pre-announce containers via the Customer Webportal, and view stock reports, daily movements, and invoices.

Tank container & silo cleaning services

Shows all finished cleanings of the past month, and lets customers download available certificates.

Tank container M&R services

Let customers authorize M&R estimates via the online portal.

Depot related functions

Based on the specifics of the Customer License Agreement,
a selected subset of these functions may be available:


A user can pre-announce an order which is then received by the Acceptant at the depot office.


Cancel pre-announcement

It is also possible to cancel pre-announcements that have not been processed and are younger than 2 hours.


Stock overview

The stock report shows all equipment on stock and that were out up till 8 days before today.

Daily movement overview

The stock report shows all daily movement information; Expected, In, Available and Out.


Authorize M&R estimates

Users can authorize M&R Estimates. The depot is informed of your authorization.

Recent cleanings overview

The finished cleanings shows all finished cleanings of the last month.


Invoice overview

The invoice overview shows all sent invoices of the last year.

Product features

When it comes to your customer's business communications,
the interface that they use to manage them makes all of the difference. 

Integrated technology

DEPOT Customer Portal offers an integrated system that is supported by one platform that centralizes all of the services and offer a single-point of access to everything they need.


Intuitive design

Time is of the essence, so having a customer portal that offers a modern, user-friendly design that is easy to manage for both managers and employees and does not require any IT support will save your customer's time, money and hours of aggravation.



Today’s workforce is mobilized. No one can afford to be tied to their desk phones or computers, so the platform to manage their critical business communications needs to match this new world of work. The DEPOT Customer Portal is accessible and work the same on each of your customer's most relied upon devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers


Permission based controls

When it comes to a business’s communications, different employees and departments require different functions and levels of authority. Providing a customer portal that offers customizable user profiles based on user personas allows administrators to grant employees access to only the features that are applicable to their role. This gives employees the ability to self-manage features and managers the peace of mind that they are still in control. 


User centric functionality

Simple and fast is what we are all looking for when we manage anything related to our business. The DEPOT Customer Portal offers user-centric technology like drag and drop capabilities, click-to-dial phone numbers, the ability to upload and download, , view record history, all from one central website.


Many TCSP’s have multiple locations and employees that travel, so finding a platform that supports all of their services and can increase connectivity across their sites is a win-win.



The DEPOT Customer Portal initially presents itself in the English language, but more languages are supported (ENG, NL)


Password recovery

Forgotten passwords can be recovered. An e-mail to reset password will be sent to the user e-mail address.


Profile management

A user can change their own password in the ‘Profile Manager’


Switching between depot locations

A user may use the Depot Customer Selector in the top of the screen to switch between Customer entries if his or her company consists of multiple entities.

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