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A paperless office is not necessarily an office without paper; paper should have a proper end-point.

DEPOT Software supports the printing of a relatively small barcode sticker that is associated with a specific order, and that can be placed on such an "uncontrolled" document. There can be set up a document scanner device that places all scanned documents as a PDF file on a network path. The DEPOT Software application server can be configured to periodically check and process all scanned PDF files. Then the interface identifies, renames and moves file from server to the DEPOT Software document management system. DEPOT can automatically publish specific types of PDF files to the DEPOT Customer Portal where your customers can download these documents.

Wash your cleaning worries away with our DEPOT (all-in-one) Cleaning Module!


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Cleaning services
  • Cleaning services

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Tank container & silo tru...
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services

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Digitize all your documents

Minimize calls for documents

Quickly find all related documents

Product features


Digitize barcoded documents by scanning and move them to the DEPOT Software documents management system.

 Documents management system

Organize the process and get a great controlled paperflow.

Barcode / QR code

The barcode identifies the associated order in DEPOT Software.

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Productitem: Document Imaging interface
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