DEPOT Stacker Terminal

This application will help a depot to track the containers on their yard and will inform stack drivers to pick up containers from a location and where to drop them off. 

The stacker has a portable device on which the driver receives tasks to pick up containers and where to drop them off on the yard. The stack driver is able to update the information of the container location, read the memo that has been attached by another employee. Each driver can get their own containers assigned and read the message attached. They can update the information in the Stacker terminal which is updated in Depot Software. This will give you a great overview of the location of each tank container, without the paperwork.

The fastest way to track the containers on your yard!


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  • Tank container depot services
  • Empty tank container services
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services

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Smoother communication

no paper trails or lost containers

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 Make things go smooth

The tool for a great communication between your depot personnel and the stacker driver.

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