Cleaning Services

​The Cleaning Module can be seen as a base, which you can expand and optimize with other options such as the DEPOT Driver Kiosk, a Cleaner Terminal, a Customer Portal and interface connectors with your PLC and weighing bridge.

DEPOT Software works on the principle that proper preparation is half the work (or less). In practice this means: when all customers, products, clean methods and price agreements are defined in the system by your company, your employee only needs to enter limited data. When this is done, the system will automatically generate a cleaning document containing cleaning instructions for the cleaner, an estimate for the customer, a certificate of cleanliness and invoice documents for the customer upon completion of a cleaning order.

Wash your cleaning worries away with our DEPOT (all-in-one) Cleaning Module!


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Cleaning services
  • Cleaning services

Key areas

Tank container & silo tru...
  • Tank container & silo truck cleaning services

Required modules


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Product features

Data preservation

Store information about customers, pricing, product information, product safety, cleaning methods and MSDS files into one database.


Annihilate time spent creating invoices by our one-button-invoice method.

EFTCO compliant

Compliant with European EFTCO standards.

SGF compliant

Connect to data provided by your cleaning systems provider and present graphs of temperature, pressure and flowrate measurements to your customers in the food industry.


Interfaces available with 3rd-party cleaning systems (Gröninger, Dibo, GreenCat).

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Product information

Productcode: CLS.100.MOD
Productitem: Cleaning services
Producttype: module


Read more about this item in our Customer knowlegde base (DEPOT Software users only). Do you want to get access to the documentation, please send a message to our supportdesk.