The powerful basic setup (DEPOT Core) provides you with all the tools you need to run all operations smoothly. The additional modules expand the functionality of the Depot Management System (DMS). This modules are connected to a variety of interfaces, that will help you to take control of your depot yard. The applications are great tools to work even more safer, efficiently & enjoyable.



The powerful basic setup provides you with all the tools you need to run all operations smoothly.

Customer Relationship Management
Handling & Storage
Wizards & Planboards
Reporting & KPI's

The basic setup of a solution also offers you:

Multi-entity / Multi-location
Manage countries, currencies, VAT types & regions
High-end document management
Informative dashboard
Advanced filtering & highlighting conditions
Microsoft Word mail merge
Tagging groups, for fast grouping & filters
Multi-language, real-time language editor

All of the functionality described above is just our DEPOT Core! With this you have a rock-solid start to manage your depot yard or container terminal. But there is more! In addition to the application we can add a variety of modules, connect with active systems within your company and provide you with a growing number of apps. When all of this is still not sufficient with your companies specific demands, we offer the customer development opportunity. Working this way we can guarantee the easiest way to manage your business by gathering all data in just one system.


Additional modules to expand the functionality of the Depot Management System (DMS).

Spare parts
Leasing & Trading
Planning & Transport
Product Storage & Transfer


Connect with a variety of interfaces on the yard or terminal.

Cleaning Guard
Heating Connector
Chemical Product Reporter
Customer Web Portal


Great tools to work even more safer, efficiently & enjoyable.

DEPOT Image App
Time Registration
DEPOT for Mobile
DEPOT Insights

Custom Development

Stil haven't found the specific features needed to run your operations smoothly? DEPOT Software and it's additional modules are in almost all cases sufficient to put together a package that exactly fits your organization. However, if this is not the case, there is the possibility to let us develop a tailor-mode solution. DEPOT Software is developed by the Lucrasoft ICT Group,  a Microsoft Partner with more then 20 years of software development experience. So when the software doesn’t fits your specific situation or demands, we are able to modify it. We can build this solution in-house, giving you the guarantee of a truly integrated solution for every Depot Yard.


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 DEPOT Software


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