What is your foundation for growth and continuity?

To reach your main goals as a Tank Container Service Provider you offer an integrated service portfolio. To position yourself as a knowledgeable on-stop-stop for all tank container services you need a rock-solid foundation to rely on. Even more when your services are tuned to the demands of regions and alliances.

Tank container depot service provider

The effort of steering your company and gathering accurate and timely information to make well-informed decisions becomes increasingly difficult when data sources are fragmented throughout the company – maybe even fragmented to the level of undocumented or uncontrolled information held by certain senior employees – and nearly impossible when your customers or local regulators ask you to keep up in an increasingly digital world.


What you need

It is essential to build your business on a proven centralized IT-system that supports the operational processes in your niche and maximizes synergy between different departments, and different depot sites, without a myriad of systems to maintain. Safeguard process-expertise and domain knowledge information in a singular source, removing the need for any overlapping operational workarounds. Centralized data is the foundation whereupon it is possible to have continuous access to accurate and timely information needed to make well-informed decisions and evaluate them after the fact. It is also the foundation to provide

future-proof digital channels to all stakeholders, both those who are part of the internal process, as well as stakeholders in the external industrial supply-chain.

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DEPOT Software lets me focus on developing my company because all core process are secured


Benefit directly

Best-practices in DEPOT Software have been carefully cultivated by over 80 tank container service providers, combining over 100 years of depot experience.

  • Store all information relevant to depot processes into one database
  • Manage multiple depot locations in the same database, allowing for differences in legal requirements, methods and pricing
  • Phase out old and inefficient operational systems
  • Use BI dashboards for reporting, validation & monitoring
  • Enter new orders easily
  • Limit paper streams
  • Keep track of customers and customer agreements
  • Show real-time information via the customer portal


  • Store MSDS/SDS documents in a comprehensive product database and keep track of data health
  • Keep track of personnel, their skillsets and the validity of personnel certifications
  • Use basic Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) features to keep track of non-conformities.  Keep track of certification expiration warnings and periodic measurement triggers
  • Save all paper into the system (certificates, pictures, etc.) using the document imaging importer
  • Connect with 3rd parties via digital EDI and API channels
  • Manage security roles to control information access and feature access
  • Track changes to provide audit transparency


The DEPOT Software solutions offers

Project support

  • Project management
  • Assistance with process change management
  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • User training



  • DEPOT Software
    TSCP Solution
  • DEPOT Insight
    Analytics dashboards
  • DEPOT Customer Portal
    Integrated in your own website
  • DEPOT Software Connector
    Accounts & invoices


  • DEPOT Software
    Document scanner
    Thermal label printer


For a sucesful implementation    

  • Change management
  • IT environment that supports a centralized operational system for end-users
  • Database server with Microsoft SQL Server 2018R2 or higher
  • Centralized application server

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