Depot Software for Cleaning Stations

DEPOT Software for Depot Yards is a versatile tool to speeds up processes on your yard. Print EFCTO documents instantly, communicate, pre-announce and many more features made for your yard. Since it is DEPOT Software, it's highly adaptable to your needs. DEPOT Software is the start of every configuration. It's a Microsoft Windows-based software package and it is packed with the features you need to manage a depot. 

It provides the every-day features needed to run the depot yard. When more functionality is required, the system can be easily expanded with a variety of additional modules.  Together we want to help you get the best results with DEPOT Software. This highly adaptable tool will help you speed up most of your processes. For more information, check out the links below!

Depot Core

A solid base needed in every DEPOT Software solution. Providing you with core application features: Users and security roles, print & email infrastructure, export to Excel, audit trails, archiving, inter-department memo system, custom fields for all tables and fallback printers for business-critical processes. User and security roles, print & email infrastructure, export to to Excel, audit trails and improve communication with all departments and much more!


Cleaning (PLC-certified)

Cleaning containers and trailers on your depot and managing al administration around the process can be a time-consuming task. Every product requires a specific approach or treatment, making a planning can be a full day job. DEPOT Software helps you build programs and schedules, which are automatically built from the clean methods attached to the chemical product of each respective compartment. The module has an easy to use interactive drag & drop queue planning board of cleaning orders and comes with visual presentation of lanes and queues.


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DEPOT for Mobile

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