Stubbe LogisticsStubbe Logistics

Location: Gouda, The Netherlands
Services: Logistics, Cleaning

Stubbe offers their relations a full-service logistic solution with a focus on the transporting of liquid vegetable oils and animal fats, but also ADR products. The entire logistics chain from picking up a load from the customs warehouse (including documentation), transport, storage location Gouda, heating and transportation to the end-user at the time of need can be taken care off. Recently the even started their own (tank)container cleaning station on the yard in Gouda.

Stubbe on using DEPOT Software

"The main advantage is the fact that it's just one system. All our data goes into the same system, just once, and is then available for multiple services and departments. Keeping track of entire projects involving multiple services has become a simple operation now, also our billing process is greatly simplified." Harry Dieckmann, Technical Manager Stubbe B.V.


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