Spoelhal RosteyneSpoelhal Rosteyne

Location: Industriezone Rosteyne 2 Belgium.
Services: Rosteyne specialises in cleaning tankcontainers and tank trailers

Rosteyne is a company that specialises in cleaning tankcontainers and tanktrailers. Since DEPOT Software is an easily applicable and versatile program and THE solution for DEPOT cleaning Yards, Rosteyne decided to go for us.

By working together with Rosteyne, we came up with a solution to streamline their processes, DEPOT for Mobile. DEPOT for Mobile will help Rosteyne to thrive in the ever-changing technological landscape of Depot yards. We sped up the financial administration and we are currently working on the option where clients will be able to log in, and check all proceedings and the current state of their orders.

We are happy to have Rosteyne as our client!


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