Location: Ardooien, Belgium
Services: Cleaning, logistics

In over half a century, Eikelenboom European Food Transport has grown to be a specialist in tank transport and a solid logistic partner for a number of big multinationals and food manufacturers. Based in Bergen op Zoom, the company transports liquid foods like vegetable oils, liquid sugars and fruit juices.

With over 50 years of experience, Eikelenboom is synonymous for logistic total solutions. Besides traditional transport, they strive for a high, measurable quality of service. With a focus on ecology and efficiency, they would like to demonstrate their added value for every supply chain. Recently, Eikelenboom has entered the Belgium market, which offered an excellent chance to renew their software to be able to grow their business in Belgium as well.

Transition to DEPOT Software
Arjan Schaap, QA and IT manager with Eikelenboom: “Eikelenboom had been using the MainPro system. A few years ago, this software package has transitioned into DEPOT Software. During the implementation on Eikelenboom’s Belgium location, we opted for the latest version of DEPOT Software. Among other things, this allows us to provide the complete cleaning process with a track & trace functionality. The package is very good and anticipates our needs. It may be scaled up when needed, which is one of the reasons why this is a great package for us to record the whole process.”

Having an edge
“Our focus is on food cleaning. This sets us apart from our competitors. For our customers we carry out tank transports throughout all of Europe, as well as transports for other companies. Because of the new connection to the installation and the possibility to log our cleanings, we can always recall what has been done with the corresponding certificates. With this, we have an edge with our customers.”

Vision for the future
“Our company sites are located strategically. It is our ambition to implement DEPOT Software in our other locations as well. We would like to give DEPOT Software a more prominent place in our business operation and possibly add preannouncement to this. This way, we can grow Eikelenboom together.

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